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Full Custom Website Design & Build for Salem's Favorite Tattoo Shop

Helheim Gallery is co-owned by Kelly Doty, a groundbreaking new school tattoo artist of Inkmaster Angels fame. In the witchy city of Salem, Massachusetts, Kelly and her incredibly talented fellow artists Britt and Olivia create beautiful tattoos ranging from black and grey to full color. Dark, witchy, former Catholic-inspired, inclusive, and woman-empowered designs dominate the studio and provide clients with a creepy-cozy experience and great vibes.

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This Project

Project Objectives

Kelly, Britt, and Olivia do absolutely incredible work, and they deserved a website that not only displayed, but featured and honored their work. We worked hard to make sure that this website had everything the shop might need and was fully optimized.

Scope of Work

This project for Helheim Gallery is a fully custom website, designed and built from scratch, complete with all the information a client could need. Each artist's portfolio is featured, contact information is easy to find, and interactions across the site keep users interested and more likely to submit a request for art of their own.

Project Outcome

"Wow, congratulations on being so awesome! This is incredible!" - Kelly Doty

Responsive Web Design

Functional & Gorgeous on Any Device

Ever wonder why some websites just seem to 'click' with users? It's all about responsiveness. In today's mobile-driven world, your website needs to adapt seamlessly to any device, whether it's a smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

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Mobile View

Mobile isn't just a trend – it's the heartbeat of modern life. Think about it: nearly everyone you know is glued to their phone. With over 7.26 billion mobile users worldwide, it's like we're all carrying the world in our pockets. And here's the kicker: a whopping 92.3% of internet users access the web from their trusty smartphones. That's a lot of potential customers spending 5-6 hours a day tapping away. Now, imagine if your website isn't keeping up. You'd be missing out on connecting with folks right when they're most engaged.

7.26 billion
Mobile Users Worldwide
Users Access the Internet from a Mobile Device
5-6 hours/day
Average Time Spent on Mobile Device Per User

Tablet View

Think that 2.2% of users viewing your site from a tablet isn't significant enough to worry about responsiveness? Think again! With over one bilion tablet users, two percent is still a huge group!  Don't miss out on your next client or sale because a user can't properly access your site. A Creative Conspiracy ensures every part of every site is compatible with any device you or your customers may use to access your site.

>1 billion
Tablet Users Worldwide
Tablet Users are American
Tablet Web Traffic from Ipads
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